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Face to face 1-2-1 tuition (with Hat magazine writer)

Face to face 1-2-1 tuition (with Hat magazine writer)

One to one online tuition with Denise Innes-Spencer, founder of 'The British School of Millinery' and 'The British Millinery Association'. Millinery techniques writer for 'The Hat Magazine' and Author of 'Tiara Headdresses' 

Book 5 1/2 hours one to one tuition with Denise and she will guide you through any questions you have about making your hats or wedding headdresses. 


    Once you have booked, both you and Denise will agree a strategey for 'smart learning' and plan the class. Then Denise will take you through your learning with step by step notes and leave you with more skills and knowledge, tips and tricks to help you 'work smart' with your time.  All supplies are extra to class.

    Previous classes with milliners have included:

    • Learning new methods of finishing the edges of straws: rolled, folded, bound and double lined. The student came away with various samples of hem trims and finishes to use on straw hats.
    • Tiara and wedding headdresses making, using skills to develop new styles and designs. The student came away with various methods in making and finishing tiara bands and crowns.
    • Learning new ways of trimming a hat or headdress with unusual fabrics that included pinok pok, raffia fabric and straw. The student came away with various examples of trims  all using the working smart method.
    • Guiding through the process of making a hat or headdress from start to finish. The student came away with the knowledge  and skills of making a hat or headdress from start to finish. (Sometimes the degree of difficulty in a hat/headdress will require more time for showing the skills. Please ask for details)

    All students from this 5 1/2  hour lesson will come away with:

    • Full detailed notes of skills learnt
    • Examples of skills learnt
    • Skills using tips and tricks for making high quality millinery



    A face to face course held in Denise's studio in the suburbs of Liverpool.

    Class sizes are small to ensure you receive the personal support you need. This course will have no more than four students.

    Step by step notes will be provieded to students before the course to help them prepare.

    Students are not allowed to video record the session. 


    By booking a place on this course, you agree to the following rules of engagement:

    • It is each student's responsibility to ensure that they arrive ontime before the course starts.
    • Students will be required to bring a packed lunch to the class.
    • All course content remains the intellectual property of The British School of Millinery or any of the visiting teachers, lecturing at the school. Students do not have permission to share any information from the courses with any other person in person, online or offline. To do so would be in breach of copyright and interlectual property laws. Many of the classes have already been either published or protected by these laws.
    • Students do not have permission to video record this course. Any fellow class participants have not signed a data protection agreement and have not given you permission for them class to be recorded in the class.​ To do so would be a breach of data protection laws.
    • Any personal information shared between the students and the tutor during the course must considered confidential and not shared without the consent of the relevant individual. To do so would be a breach of data protection laws.  
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