London Hat Week: Crinoline Sealing Weird shapes for Millinery

London Hat Week: Crinoline Sealing Weird shapes for Millinery

Crinoline Sealing: Skills for making weird and wonderful shapes for millinery

Venue: Morley College London - Waterloo Centre 61 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London SE1 7HT

Friday 5th August 2022 9.15-12.45 BST AM

12 places: Cost 165.00

Skills Workshop: Samples made in class for working with crinoline fabrics

Level: Must have experience of sewing, wiring and use of a  block.

Create weird and wonderful shapes using heat pleated crinoline (horizontal, vertical and diagonal pleated styles). Seal ends of the crinoline to create a neat finish. Denise will teach you how to form the crin into shapes, structures or hats and headdresses. Learn how to make your structure seem as if it floats above the head and how to stop it from wobbling.

Denise Innes-Spencer: Course tutor, is the founder and creative director of The British School of Millinery. Author of 'Tiara Headdresses' and writer at large for The Hat Magazine. She has worked for top bridalwear designers Suzanne Neville, Tracy Connup, Jayne Boulton and Ben De Lisi. Denise is a dexterity skills tutor for the Brain Charity Liverpool and a regular visiting lecturer for Liverpool John Moores University. Denise is well equipped to take you through the intricate ways of making delicate beautiful designs with this versatile fabric.


    You will learn how to:

    • Form a shape using one of the pleated crinoline fabrics
    • Measure a wire to fit an unusual shape
    • Seal crinoline ends to make neat finishes
    • Sew the crinoline to the wires
    • Turn your own ideas into unique constructions

    Denise is generous with her knowledge and encourages open discussion in the class. You will receive handouts and photos of the examples, details of suppliers and other options, and an unparalleled experience.

    PLEASE NOTE: Details of tools and where to get them (if neded) will be given once you have booked.  


    This workshop will be featured at London Hat Week in person.

    Morley College London - Waterloo Centre 61 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London SE1 7HT

    Details for the workshop will be given once you have booked. 



    By booking a place on this workshop, you agree to the following rules of engagement:

    On booking this class is non refundable as spaces are limited.

    If the space is transfered to another student, this must be told to The British School of Millinery 24hours before the start of the course.

    It is each student's responsibility to ensure that they have access to tools needed before the workshop starts. List will be sent via e-mail.

    Students are responsible for ensuring that their equipment for the workshop is functioning properly.

    Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a stable internet connection.(Zoom only)

    All course/workshop content remains the intellectual property of The British School of Millinery. Students do not have permission to share any information from the course with any other person either online or offline.

    Participants have not signed a data protection agreement and have not given permission for the class to be recorded.​ To do so would be a breach of data protection laws. Agreement is needed by all participating students.

    Any personal information shared between the students and the tutor during the course must considered confidential and not shared without the consent of the relevant individual.

    In the case of a zoom course: should The British School of Millinery's internet connection become significantly unstable during the course, it will be rescheduled.