Crinoline (Woven by the yard) fabric hats, cutting,  creating 15th Oct 9am GMT

Crinoline (Woven by the yard) fabric hats, cutting, creating 15th Oct 9am GMT

Online course via Zoom.

Friday 15th October 2021. 9am to 1pm GMT.


This four-hour course is designed to make you fall back in love with crinoline.Crinoline (Woven by the metre/yard) is not an easy fabric to work in, how do you finish the edges? Denise is an expert in creating crinoline fabric hats, from Top hats to free style structures, she can help you manipulate this fabric to produce your beautiful designs. This freestyle workshop will help you design and make your own creation using Woven Crinoline fabric. (Not the crinoline wide strips with the thread running through it).Denise Innes-Spencer staff writer for ‘The Hat Magazine’ and creative director and founder of The British School of Millinery, and co-founder of The British Millinery Association, will show you how to use crin fabric by the metre/yard.


    This is a step-by-step participation course, learning how to use crin. Using Denise's unique-techniques, she will guide you through construction as you plan, assemble and trim your crinoline after sealing, culminating in the methods of creating your headdress or hat using crinoline by the yard fabric.

    In this 4 hour course you will learn how to:

    • Hints and tips on planning the work
    • Marking out your design/making your own pattern
    • Adding your structure to your design
    • Covering headband matching hair or design
    • Neat finishing techniques (making the design professional)

    You will get from the course:

    • The knowledge and skills of making a fabric crin designed hat
    • Fully illustrated notes before the start of the class
    • List of suppliers and recommended supplies before the class

    Level: Intermediate and advanced. You must have knowledge of cutting and fabrics. You will be making your own pattern for this hat.

    PLEASE NOTE: Details of how to buy supplies, tools and where to get them from will be given when booking. Full notes/patterns (if required) will be e-mailed once you have booked on the course.  


    This course will be run online using Zoom.

    Class sizes are small to ensure you receive the personal support you need. This course will have no more than three students.

    We will run the session using two webcams - one showing the tutor and the other focused on the tutor's hands to give a close-up view of the techniques being used. Step by step notes will be sent to students before the course to help them prepare.

    Students are not allowed to video record the session.


    By booking a place on this course, you agree to the following rules of engagement.

    It is each student's responsibility to ensure that they have access to Zoom before the course starts.

    Students are responsible for ensuring that their equipment is functioning properly (including audio, video and microphone).

    Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a stable internet connection.

    All course content remains the intellectual property of The British School of Millinery. Students do not have permission to share any information from the course with any other person either online or offline.

    Students do not have permission to video record this course. Participants have not signed a data protection agreement and have not given permission for the class to be recorded.​ To do so would be a breach of data protection laws.

    Any personal information shared between the students and the tutor during the course must considered confidential and not shared without the consent of the relevant individual.

    Should The British School of Millinery's internet connection become significantly unstable during the course, it will be rescheduled.


    Bookings for The British School of Millinery's online courses are non-refundable.